Delivering Releases Of Renoise By Mail

I am planning to merge to uzbl browser, that doesn’t allow to dload release version from backstage cause of using of external download managers.

Could be releases be sent via mail account, filled in personal info?

I think expecting Renoise developers to work around your unusual browser choices is a bit unreasonable. Just download it with a browser that works, there are plenty available and you can still use Uzbl for your regular browsing.

Sure, would you also like the devteam to spend some time creating new user preferences + settings /backend database stuff so that you can receive this >~30mb file in as many attachments as is required by your specific mailing account’s size limitations per attachment? Hmm, why not an autodetection scheme too, so they know by default not to send a over 5mb fileattachment to a specific email domain which they’ve never heard of?

i’m not even trying to be nice about this. what the hell is the uzbl browser, what makes you think there will ever be a new version of renoise, do you not have any friends who have functional browsers, can’t you visit them with a usbstick, do you even have a usbstick?

at first i was thinking this was a kinda interesting thing, in this kind of scenario:
“I’m escaping into a cottage for the next 4 months, i’ve got food + water + electricity + heat + the rest, I do get physical letters delivered to me but no internet, I’d really like to track with the newest version of Renoise, can you send it to me as a USB stick / CD-R when it’s out, to this address, please?” but instead it was some … i dont know what … going off about EMAIL!

I am sure someone from forums can download the stuff for you and send it via mail or whatever as long as you give them your account details and some money. :)

(Not saying it’s neccearily a good idea though.)

'ahh, but that would require one to be able to communicate and to have friends, and to not just blindly demand random shite from the devteam.

Hey guys, i think the OPS got the point.(He remains silent)

use one of these