Demented Rave…at.mp3?download



The track is as brilliant as the picture!

Some tones and voices are close to anoying :P
And that just makes it more interresting to listen too :D

keep on rocking!

Some nice ideas and variations in it (beat, especially vocals).
All in all to disharmonic for me.

cheers for the listens. It sounds somewhat indonesian to me :slight_smile: , with the interference wobbling at times. Want to utilize this more.

hehe. WEIRD.
what would you call this style? Demented rave is of course partly descriptive, but if this track HAD TO be put under a defined/established genre, what would it most likely be? “experimental electronica”, yes, but more specific?

just wondering, for the fun of it…

pffff, I tend to not worry bout this things when making music, it can probably be found somewhere in the electronica corner :slight_smile: . Braindance, maybe?


Hmmm, no not my cup of tea… Lacks coherence to keep my interest.
Although the soundscaping is interesting, it doesn’t ‘stick’. It sounds like
a half-serious attempt at Suva’s no-12-note-scale competition imho…

cheers for the listen.

Its a back alley at night, with the cats and crack heads