Demo Of My Wip-elektrotune

Hokay, so… Here’s a link . Dang, that’s a mighty fine link you might say!


erhm, enough quoting of stuff nobody’s heard before now… ;)

Style is elektro, obviously. I like it loads, but don’t really know where to go next… Any ideas?

I’m using juno2x and claw demo VSTi’s, so if you have them and wanna continue or just see the source, I can upload it.

Dank you, bantaiman. :)

Dang, I gotta hear that tune… I KNOW it, but didn’t know it’s what influenced me!! Straange! :rolleyes:

xerxes said Jan Hammer, and that’s maybe correct… Gotta listen to his work too, now. Hehe…

I did’nt get the perfect listen yesterday.
Have listened to it a few times today, and I like. It’s very elektro, just the way I like it. :walkman: Keep on.

When can we come to Oslo and party? B)

Thanx kidz B)

Some vocals have been in my mind, just wanna make some instrumental break next, finish a good sequence and then maybe add vocals. If it works standalone as an instrumental piece it will work even better with vocals. Maybe… Good theory?

And Sinatra, Osloparty must be soon in any case… Dun have too much space to party on, like you do tho!!

Oh and btw, just started 2 more elektro thingeys, one hard and one soft as heeeell. Damn, 1.5 makes me creative!!! :w00t:

Ah, why don’t I just go sleep?
I feel like mentioning it in the song-section again:
I like your tune, Sagosen and I’d prefer some more pads&chords in it. Love the deep spacy sound.
And now that I’m totally screwed up, I refer to OT again:
I saw the pictures you posted. Really nice :)
I really need to go to sleep now. Really.


Listening to you track now…
indeed sounding Electro to me (Electric Kingdom inspired?)

Flows nicely…needs some miss kittin like vocal saying really strange things as she usually does :P

but sounds nice

Very nice. I like this as well. Reminds me of some old school electro. Great job! Will be burning this for my car ;)

Thanx guys. ;) Oh, and trepain, SO sorry for not mailing you back, your mail got cought in my spamfilter and I forgot to get it out of there before it was too late. It’s somwhere in undefined space now. May it rest in peace.

Anyway… :rolleyes:

As to your tune, I just didn’t get it flowing at all. Might pick it up later, but I don’t see that happening too soon cos of my heap of other projects. And school… Sorry!

hehe I understand. It was a bit on the odd side. :)

I liked it! :) It’s elektro, that’s right. But I could envision some hip hop-like vocals in this tack. It transmits something like "I’m big and powerful. I’m cool. B)" . (I know, i’m being weird :P).

Edit: BTW, I would like to see the source. Always wanting to learn something. :)