Democoder Tracker Database

Not so long time ago, i begin to collect information connected with any music-related tracker program under any platform. Here is the database:

On the left-side you can choose platform and then see trackers with short descriptions and some screen-shoots. (green highlight - means all needed info collected, orange one - looking for more information). But till today, all information is in Russian language. I want to ask you-  is it worth of translation to English?

so many trackers yay! :w00t:

 yes:) i definitely like color-scheme:)

VERY useful! translation to English would be appreciated but I understand it would be lots of work.

Download buttons would be cool as well :D since I don’t know some of the trackers.

thanks for response. collection of information depends only on 1-2 people including me + one man doing some site coding. so project advancing is very-very slow.

I see. Wish you good luck with project then, I’m adding it to my bookmarks.

P.S.: a little bug report if you don’t mind, Adlib tracker II is for DOS only, not Windows. If I find more to fix, I’ll write you an email.

thanks for bug-report. i`ll fix it. i am sure that there are many-many other bugs:)

your help will be really appreciated.

spacevoid8 (this is my forgotten account)=spacedrone808
Project migrated to this place:

Currently under active completion.

Weird what’s there and what isn’t

mmedit (this was where I got my start, so it has a special place in my heart)
Scream Tracker 1, 2, 3
Skale Tracker
Buzz (!)

semi-trackers -

this is off the top of my head