Den&bass Back With A New Tune : Denstep

hi guys!
last month has been more than hard work here : i have moved to a new home where there was a lot of work to achieve. now that its over and that i finally (thanks voo) have a internet connection, i can get back here to introduce a new tune.
its called denstep, and as you can guess, i tried to make a dubstep-ish tune, for once. its pleasant to work on something else sometimes! as im not a dusbtep specialist at all, i dont know what to say about it, except that i hope to have made something you’ll like. i assume its a bit different than usual dubstep tracks, as i already used a amen and removed the “classic” reggae-like sounds. enjoy and feel free to say what you think about it.

den’s myspace

anyone lisened to it?

I listened to your song. (still browsing through the forum to find some suggestions what can be done with Renoise)

Its not my preferred style of music but it listens cool. The beat is even cool but what is that flute from minute ~3 minute on? I think the instrument is just to clean for your trashy beat. (I even have the same problem that my tracks listen just to clean)