Den'S Special Sauce : A Tune Showcase Mix (Jungle/Techstep)

its time for something new! i remixed all the tunes i made so far, and i wanted to show them off. so here i come with a fresh and solid mix, stinking blood and tears!

tracks :
1.Den//Andante Moderato in C minor
2.Manipulated Living//Quadrant
3.Den//Wrath Of The Dominion
5.Den//µ Turn
6.Krumble//ticket To Grind
8.Future Cut//Busted
9.BTK+Meth//It Gets Rough
12.Den//Sloop Toot
13.Woody Mc Bride-Off the Ceiling (i’m a psychic you know) Cooh rmx
15.Tim Exile//Open Mike

complete CD cover, for those who would want to burn it, can be found here

you can download the mp3 version (320 kbps) on the soundcloud page.

have a great time listening to it…

I like that souce. Nicely mixed:) Not some harcore, so it is nice to listen whatever I do :)