Departure EP (Free!)

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently released a new EP, Departure. It was created entirely in Renoise (obviously) with very minimal free VST effects used and mainly native Renoise DSPs.

Here is a bit of a decription:

[indent]“Departure is an experiment in creating compelling and sonically rich electronic music by starting with a single sound source per track. Sometimes the sound source isn’t even musical to begin with, such as on tracks 1, 2 and 3, or it’s a very simple, short sample such as a kick drum or sine wave, as on the remaining tracks. No other drum sounds, instruments, synthesizers, presets or loops were used to create the music you will hear on this EP. However, each original sound has been cut up, sliced, diced, rearranged, repeated, looped and affected significantly to create new sounds.”[/indent]

You can download it for free at Perelandra Records.

Thanks a lot for your support!

Some great stuff in there!

Thanks a lot for listening! :D