Derfundig - Kollapskaus

Hi chaps,

Longtime lurker and tracker. Just finished 5 tracks and decided it was time to release some of them online.

Derfundig - Kollapskaus (21:30)

All renoise, all handmade, not much vsts. Tried to keep repetition to a min. “Mastering” somewhat funny, but I liked it…
Tracks can be downloaded at my temp-site or you can listen to them at my spanking new myspace page.

EDIT:Here’s one of them



I like it a lot, and I am impressed that you’ve not used many VSTs for this.

Also: are you from Norway? Eg bur i Bergen.

Thanks, theres a few Vsts, but not much. Most effects are just done by pattern effects and by hand. It takes a while…

Fra fyllingsdaln.

Wow, intricately detailed abstract killer tracks!!

Cheers for that danoise.