Desa Systems - Origin Of Us

Origin of Us by Desa Systems

Desa Systems emerges from the depths of space, from beyond the dark matter limits, with its debut album offering, Origin of Us. With a mixture of ambient, experimental and down-tempo break textures, the album is composed, sequenced and mixed entirely in Renoise 2.6

Composed and produced by Jakub “The Jamo” Gaudasinski, the album was rendered largely from found sounds, granulation and resynthesis of natural sounds, custom programming and digital synthesis. Origin of Us is the beginning, the initial explosion, the chaos in all things that transforms into a strange and beautiful kind of order and natural symmetry, inspired by chaos, mathematics, love and the invisible tethers that connect us all.

The album is available for download NOW! To listen and find out more, please visit the official website.

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Wow that sounds amazing, honestly!! You have a great talent, and your sounds are superb!!

Thank you, John338, I really appreciate it and I’m glad you liked the sound : ) I’m releasing another album in a few months with even more custom sound design.

The Jamo