Describe Your Default/template Song

mine is

oldschool 4 tracks (to begin with anyway, I usually end up with about 12 lol)
128 lines
8 lines per beat 140BPM (yeah, im a dubstep producer now hehe)
pattern sequencer from 0 to 64
pattern line highlight (or whatever it’s called) set to 8 lines, 4 to me just makes it look messy imo.

8 tracks
256 lines
16 lines per beat 300bpm

Very good question!
8 tracks because of the 8 buttons of my Nocturn (not yet mapped)
64 lines
I had written “Bass”, “Lead”, “Loop”, “Kick”… Even in the instrument section… Each with eq preselected but bypassed…

Hmm, let’s see… none? :)

What Mr. Beatslaughter said.

how do you do templates?? : s

ill go rtfm now : )

i guess i’m with beatslaughter then

bpm 440
lpb 8
pattern length 128
I begin with 10 tracks and usually end up with more than 40 tracks. and 10 send tracks.

Start a new song. Set it up however you like, with your favourite master devices/plugins, commonly used samples and instruments, MIDI mappings, pattern length, tempo, LPB, etc. Now go to the Song Settings tab and save it as your template song. Now whenever you start a new song, it will instantly be ready to rock!

140 bpm

8 tracks - ready named with kick snare etc… just for drums and one bass track

about 6 samples ready loaded - i swap the sounds later once i have a quick beat down

20 lines - cos it’s easy for me to deal with small patterns

Mine is the one that comes with Renoise.

it suprises me that people use just the 64 when doing 4/4 music

Now THAT is a good idea! I never seem to get round to naming tracks and it all gets very confusing…

140bpm, 8 lpb, (I sometimes change to 16) 128 lines (or 256), 16 tracks, 4 send tracks

I have no template…because I don’t want to encourage myself doing the exact same thing over and over again. :)

Newly Revised Template: Reference drums in sample slot

Kt Audio Healer, Basslane, Pushtec EQ, Maximizer, RN Inspector and BlueCat FreqAnalyst on the Master:)

Hmmm…my template? I guess it’d be my desktop shortcut to start renoise, really. :) Actually, I use RocketDock and it’s in there in one of those fan-out menus that I have listing my audio apps. So I guess my real answer is RocketDock is my template.

I have no default song, but I have saved some templates which can help creating a song of a specific genre. For example, I have a song which loads an entire orchestra divided into several EWQL-PLAY VST instances, one for instruments kind (strings, brasses, percussions, and so on), pre-named tracks and instruments with aliases already set.

PatternLength = 80Hex
Tracks : 32

Instruments :
01 MIDI -> MotifXS
02 MIDI -> S30
03 MIDI -> Access Virus-B
04 MIDI -> MachineDrum

Track 1-8 : Rythms default naming (BD,OH,CH,CP,SN,etc.)
Track 9-16 : MIDI 01,02,03,… (without pattern effects)

Midi tracks have dedicated Controller FX for each synth… As a matter of fact I should rework those because of some new gear… lazyness :)

Master Track : Default EQ10 and Bus Compressor
3 extra send tracks…


I have none. But when I feel like a quick jam, I open a finished track and delete all patterns.

I always start from scratch. I don’t store my own presets either.

But you have the default template <_<

I use:

120 bpm
128 lines
8 lpb
default tracks