Describe Your Default/template Song

it has to be noted that the initial BPM value in the default template is random as an intended way to let you explore different speeds

Yeah and generally it’s not enough fast for Breakc0re…

Here’s something that I’ve always been curious about… No matter how many times I create a new song, the “random” BPM value will always be set to one of the following values: 80, 100, 115, 123, 128, 132, 135, 138, 160

It strikes me as being quite an arbitrary and strangely limited selection to choose from. Is it meant to be this way, or is there a weird bug in the function that picks a random BPM?

Maybe something to do with how the random number function is seeded results in this limited range of possible outcomes? Is the system time used in some way?

Or perhaps these values were chosen by the Renoise team to be the most appropriate somehow? This seems unlikely to me, since I would expect there to be more common whole values like 120, 130, 140, etc.

Anyway… no big deal whatsoever… just a weird thing I noticed :)

Is it possible to add the random BPM function to your own template song?

I rehauled my default for 2.5

Track 1 for signal follower purpose. Named as Control with black track colour.
Filled with 10 signal followers.

BPM doesn’t matter. I will change it.
32 lines per pattern
4 lines per beat

Ticks per line 16.

I haven’t even started creating a default template for midi mapping I will do this eventually.


I start with 8 tracks in total. The first 4 tracks are for each input of my soundcard. The other 4 are just for stuff. There’s a Sonitus EQ (highpassing lower frequencies) on all the tracks except 5 and 6 (for basskicks/lines). To finish things up there is a Izotope Ozone plugin on the master for spectrum analysis.

I’ve actually built one today which I think will work well.

2 tracks, one for the Nord rack, the other for the Virus KC with midi mapped midi control devices so the devices move with me when I change rotary position. Sort of a semi full integration. The needed midi-instruments are already in the project as well as the line-in devices.

Furthermore I have 8 send tracks for stems (mix sub-groups) which are all routed through a seperate compressor and equaliser emulation on my Liquid Mix. Both the compressor (ratio as low as possible, threshold on 0dB) and eq (all bands on 0dB) are set for very minimal change so they just add a bit of colour here and there without too much impact.

I will create tracks and route them through the appropriate subgroups as I see fit :).

Basic stuff is pattern length at 128, 8LPB, 128BPM.

4 on the floor baby, gimme that banging techno…anytime

I’ve actually just started tweaking things in the Template song, so I’m constantly adding things.

Right now:90 bpm(Making hip-hop it’s a fair starting point)
lines per beat 8
track 1 kick sample
2 snare sample
3 closed hi hat sample
4 bass synth - kontakt patch at the moment

The samples will probably change over time into something more usable. Right now they’re just
a sketch pad.
I’ve also set the sampler to record from my mixer by default. I sample from old vinyl.
And I want to get an mpk 61 in a few months. Then I’ll midi map everything in the template song.

4 drum tracks, 2 bass, 2 synth, 2 misc, 2 dsp tracks, and 1 send.
64 lines
24 lpb / 200 bpm

80 lines
8 lpb
4 tracks
groove on 20%
subtle hp and lp on master.

Made myself a template a few weeks ago after my Novation slmk2 arrived (that way I don’t need to midi map each time I want to mute a track, play, record, go to next pattern, etc.)

Bpm: 135
Lpb: 16
6 tracks

All the rest is standard stuff I guess…

Song settings: 16 tpl, 8 lpb, 180 bpm, 64 lpp.

Tracks: kick, gab, snare, tika (my hats), bass, atmo, vox, MST, send (drums), send (pads), send (all). The send (all) does not include the drums, since I usually route the kick with a signal follower to a Gainer on send (all) to help define/accentuate said kick in the mix.

These usually change a ton when I’m working, though. I normally produce lolicore at 200 - 240 bpm, breakcore at 160 - 200 bpm, gabber/pump at 180 - 200 bpm, and dubstep at 160 bpm. I like working with small pattern lengths, so I can stop and start and get to sections faster, so I almost always use 64 lpp, except for pauses, intros, and outros which are around 384, 8, and 8 respectively.

I start structured, but it usually devolves anyway, so the template really isn’t that useful for me. :\

^^^ Just quickly bumping this because I see that it still applies to 2.5 RC2, and the curiosity is driving me a little bit crazy, haha. Can someone from the team please give some comments on the decisions that went into this?

A default BPM of 120 is lame. hardcoding it to 80, 130 or others enforces a “style”. So we’re randomizing it, to avoid this and also to push your creativity a bit.

I understand the random aspect of it and think it’s a pretty good idea. But what I mean is… why does it only randomise to those values I’ve listed? I never get any other values except those in the list, so in a way they are a bit hard coded. Why not make it truly random so that it picks from any value between 80bpm and 160bpm (or an even wider range perhaps), instead of just 80, 100, 115, 123, 128, 132, 135, 138, or 160?

That’s the only bit that makes me scratch my head :)

Edit: I wonder… were those values chosen because they were ‘perfect’ values in the old tick-based engine? They resulted in perfect timing in the older versions of Renoise, is that it?

THANKS! helped me out alot!


6 tracks, 2 sendtracks, 127bpm, one 64-line pattern, Battery 2 loaded as VSTi 00, on the Master a 2band-compressor VST, Waves L2-Limiter and Exoscope.


and sometimes I write at whatever BPM Renoise gives me at load.

erm, has creating a default template changed for 2.7? i can’t seem to find the save as template option…