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Here is a complete description of the technical requirements to destroy any planets. Even with mathematical formulas :) I love this piece.


enter evil grin here

Hmmm 2.4E32 joules, eh?

So that’s the equivalent of only 287907869481765834932821497 twinkies.

Time to start collecting twinkies!! :dribble:

forgive me, I am living on a dumpyard, reality passes by and I do not know much about the world. What is a twinky?

According to Peter in Family Guy the only things that can survive a nuclear holocaust are cockroaches and Twinkies.

Umm everything you never wanted to know about twinkies. :blink:

The Political Economy of Twinkies

Ingredient # “24. CaSO4, Calcium Sulfate Class: Sulfates Uses: in the manufacture of some cement, a source of sulfate for sulfuric acid. Anhydrite is a relatively common sedimentary mineral that forms massive rock layers. Anhydrite does not form directly, but is the result of the dewatering of the rock forming mineral Gypsum (CaSO4-2H2O). (Also called Plaster of Paris)”

MmmMm Plaster of Paris, yuM.