Detailed Song Information Tool?

I would very much like a tool that acted somewhat like Macromedia Flashes Size Report/Bandwidth Profile.

This tool would introspect on

Song Stats

  • Song length in M:S format
  • Number of Tracks
  • Total number of DSPs, VSTs, VSTis, AUs, LADSPA, etc.

Pattern Song Stats

  • Number of patterns in sequence
  • Most popular pattern in sequence
  • Least popular pattern in sequence
  • Unused patterns in song

Pattern Details

  • Pattern Name, Lines per Pattern, Total number of uses
  • Most popular pattern (one that is used most)

Timing Changes

  • Pattern Name, Line#, Tempo
  • Pattern Name, Line#, LPB

Instrument Stats

  • Number of Instruments in Song
  • Unused instruments in song
  • Most popular instrument in song
  • Least popular instrument in song

Instrument Details

  • Instrument Name, Sample Rate, Bit Depth, Num Channels, Approx File Size on Disk, Type (Sampler, Sliced Samples, Plugin), Velocity Track, Key Track, VolEnv, FiltEnv, etc.

DSP Details

  • DSP Name, Enabled on Num Tracks, Disabled on Num Tracks

Instrument Plugin Details

  • Instrument Name, Plugin Name, Plugin Vendor Name, Available in System, Number of Tracks using

Meta Device Details

  • Track Name, Meta Device Count, DSP Count, Num DSPs connected to Meta Device

Something like this, would be grand.

I’m trying to figure out how to build it, but it’s a stretch for my 2nd tool :) Some kind of detailed properties would be helpful at least if they take diskspace so we can see at a glance what to optimize, bounce, render, etc. To make the song more portable. Along these lines, it would be helpful to see at a glance which VSTi’s, VST’s etc are used so if we want to turn the song into a song playable by anyone owning renoise we know which VST’s need DSPs as substitutes, which VSTi’s need Rendered to instruments, etc. I think this would be a very cool thing. Sorta like pre-flight check list in print terms I guess as well.

Does such a tool exist in whole or in part?

Ideally when clicking in certain relevant parts of this tools output, it would focus/jump to patterns, lines, instruments, samples, etc.

Sort of like an explorer I guess for a song, with detailed reporting.

Along these lines, it would be dope if renoise could keep track of how many times we edited, played, looped, swapped, deleted, etc. as we built the songs certain patterns, tracking our habits. It would be interesting to see how much time we spend creating the song too. Like song timestamp started XX:XX MM/DD/YY - song completed XX:XX MM/DD/YY.

Some journaling statistics kind of thing would be a nifty add-on IMO. I’ve already played this one section of my current song like 300 times more than I care to admit to :)

Except for these two the list is looking doable to me. You can get the size of the uncompressed sample but not the actual filesize. Also there is no way to findout the plugin vendor reliable as far as i know from within the API itself.

Wow that’s impressive. OK, looks like I have a good base idea for a new project :)