Detecting <Control><Return> In A Multiline_Textfield V

A simple question with a simple answer which is, I think, “no”. But here goes:

I have a multiline_textfield view as part of a dialog that has a key_handler function defined.

What happens: if focus is on the multiline_textfield and I hit everything behaves as if I had not held down the key.

What I want: to detect the key as pressed. For example: have the multiline_textfield not consume the but have it end up in the key_handler function for the dialog.

Is there a way to detect a key as pressed when focus is on a multiline_textfield?

I played around for an hour and couldn’t figure out a way to do it. Here’s what I ended up with.

local vb = renoise.ViewBuilder()  
function self_aware(value)  
 -- rprint(value)  
 -- rprint(vb.views.test.paragraphs)  
 rprint(string.find(value, "%c"))  
local content_view = vb:row {  
 vb:multiline_textfield {   
 id = "test",  
 width = 100,  
 height = 100,   
 notifier = self_aware  
function key_handler(dialog, key)  
end'Test', content_view, key_handler)  

In the “self_aware” function I was able to detect the index of a “control character” using string.find() and %c, but I’m not sure how useful this is… Obviously a hack.

Hey Conner_Bw, thanks for taking a run at that. I appreciate it and I had not thought of using a find call.

I’ve concluded that I’m asking a little too much of Renoise’s Lua GUI – at least on it’s first iteration. :)

Thanks for your help!