Detection Of Consecutive Key Binding Presses For Varying Behavior

Would it be possible to create a tool, similar to alt+q Mark Track in Block Loop Range which detects consecutive presses of the same binding?

In other words, does the xrns scripting support this type of consecutive keypress functionality?

Ex: alt+q is pressed once and selects a block loop; pressed twice and it selects 2x block loop range; then 3x or 4x, and so on. If during this selection process any other key is pressed, the current variable state of what range to select next is reset to starting with a single block range.

Another Ex: alt+m is pressed once and the note data from the clipboard is mix-pasted; twice, and pattern-effect data from the clipboard is pasted as well. Moving the cursor or hitting another key resets the state.

This would open up many options as far as Impulse Tracker style mixpaste, better select/copy options than are currently available.