Deus Ex & Unreal Game Music .umx, .it, .xm

First answer

The Galaxy Sound Engine, included in the Deus Ex and UnReal 3D Engine, plays the .UMX file format (compatible with .IT Impulse Tracker file format).

The UnRealEd (“UnReal” and “Deus Ex” Editor application) can import .UMX, .IT, .XM, and so on…, file format, but not the .RNS file format.

How do I save my Renoise songs into .UMX, .IT or .XM file format?
Is there a converter from .RNS into .UMX, .IT or .XM?

Second answer

When I import .IT songs into Renoise, the volume column is correct, = original, but the panning column is incorrect, not =original.
The result is a completly monophonic song, but the original .IT song is stereophonic.

Why the panning column informations are lost when I import .IT songs into Renoise?

I use Renoise 1.281.

Thank you!