Deus Ex/unreal Soundtrack - .rns File Format

If there isn’t a converter from .RNS to .IT, .XM or .UMX file format, where I can find the .RNS file format implementation chart (i.e.: Byte 01-08=Song Title, Byte 09-10=Song Length, and so on…) ?

Thank you!


quoting from ReNoise FAQ:

where can I get an external player/DLL/format specs?

at the moment neither of these three things are available.

does ReNoise save MOD/XM/IT/S3M/669/ULT/MT2/SKM/WTF files?
No. ReNoise saves its own RNS format (not to be confused with Reason’s files), loads MOD/XM/IT (see above), writes WAVs and saving of any other music module file is not planned…

please give a look to FAQ before asking questions, thanks.

And there are FAQ answers on more places than just one.

Isn’t that what It-Alien wrote when he said format specs?

RNS is a closed format.

And i don’t think it’s format will be exposed either.