Deus Intra Machinam - Free Album

As promised, my new album is available for free on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

It’s a mix of ambient, electronic, and cinematic tracks partly inspired by the cyberpunk genre. I was actually planning to finish a much more cheerful album before this one, however I had a lot of unfinished material from the previous album. Eight tracks total, around 30 minutes in length. There’s quite a bit of variation, so I hope you hear something you like.

The ambient tracks are long, so take a listen to these if you want to skip them:

The last one I’d specifically like some feedback on. It’s the first time I’ve tried mixing a piano recording and I couldn’t seem to get it to stand out quite right. I ended up just high-passing it, and it still sounds murky in the second half. The song has a lot of background noise in general so I guess that might be part of the problem.

Thanks for listening!

Congratulations! Excellent album man! For myself individually allocated tracks “Deus Intra Machinam” and “Reset” :drummer:

Incidentally external link “Soundcloud” sends on Bandcamp.

Thanks Keiss! Yeah you’re right, the link should be fixed now.