Develipment taim - A game with Chords?

Okay. Now here’s something speshul.

from the bottom:

  • New lines of 7 chords appearing in a new key/scale and tone
  • new lines appear every (x) time until you have filled your screen (like tetris)
  • Chords are falling down from top to bottom in screen, some are earlier than others!
  • Click away the chords in their falling order and clear the lines for pointez…
  • If all chords have fallen onto the bottom, a new line appears as well!

From the bottom up, you’d be clearing lines of chords.

From the top, chords would fall down in the order to click them (and hear them).

How to make this?

  • tool ChordLord features all the chords in a grid
  • the grid would need to be manipulated every (x) frames and respond to click in order to make the game work
  • the grid would need to show “falling” chords and have new lines in new keys at the bottom

I can (not) make this.

But I will find you!

@pandabot @Suva @Raul halp