Devider in Doofer device?

I think that this function can be usefull sometimes.
It would just divide values (0% - 100% for example) into X steps.
So if you have 4 steps then doofer will switch between 0,25,50 and 100%.

(btw. i would prefer to have this macro assigning menu floating like when you assigning instrument macros --> Mapping macros in Doofers should work like in instrument macros...)

Do you find this theoretical function handy?
Or is it just something what appears nice but isnt usable? :slight_smile:

(I know that lfo, points and modulating offset can work almost same but it is not very elegant solution :-))

You can do that with the formula device, so it would just round the number to those steps. And directly dictate, or even automate the step amount.

Formula device is not the most userfriendly thing…

Yeah, but it’s a lot faster to use that instead of waiting for it to ever be implemented. ^_^
uncomment the steps you need, define the steps with numbers in the formula, and remember to use an “elseif put> SEMI_LAST_VALUE then out = LAST_VALUE”