@devs: Any Chance Of Releasing A Sdk?

are there any plans on releasing a SDK to develop some stuff for renoise? Depending on the depth a SDK would allow to interact with
renoise it’d be possible to write more machines/fx, controller machines like native OSC, tight integration with other FOSS tools or advanced note editing online (custom scripts/algorithmic composition/arps). I know opening such parts of the core engine up might lead
to quality issues but on the other hand it should pretty much increase the usefulness and userbase of Renoise.

regarding machines/controllers:

before we can think of developing machines for Renoise, something must be changed in the current instrument design, so this is something which really cannot be thought of before some Renoise updates.

regarding effects:

the best way you can obtain this right now is to submit the code of your effect to taktik, Renoise main developer, as a VST or LADSPA plugin; he should have no hard time in converting it to Renoise internal format, as he already has done this in the past, provided of course that the new effect will be a general purpose addition.

Would be cool if Dblue could share his genious coding skilz :wink: for some baddass internal stretching in Renoise or some other beatbased glitchfest dsps.

Well, the point is: if you have anSDK you can create anything you want and integrate it with renoise and possibly share it with others without keeping the main-developers busy with your tools/code. Seeing other renoise users’ demands of some features, I guess this could easily lead to a more feature-rich application for music production.
See it from my perspective: I’m mainly using linux for work and i wrote a shitload of tools that are arkward to use (integration-wise) or dependant on a special interface. Most of the sequencers available for linux don’t come close to what is archievable with renoise, so integrating the tools I want/use would ease my workflow. I am not saying that such stuff has to be released as GPL or anything - I am aware that this raises some issues; I’d happily shell out some money just to use some closed SDK.

I completely see your point and understand it. Believe me, I’m the first who would like an SDK to be released. Unf
As ortunately, this is not the best moment for thinking at it.

you have to admit that this is partly your fault, after all: why don’t you adhere to some of the specifications available, such as the aforementioned LADSPA?

As I have said in the previous post, this would let the developer of Renoise easily integrate your code into Renoise for everyone to use easily. This has already happened in the past and will happen in the future for other DSP’s.

Surely this is not the same grade of freedom you would have by working with an SDK (which, by the way, I don’t think we would be willing you to pay for), but this is at the moment the best you can do for us.

Well, I think I did not express myself clearly. I am mainly not so much considered about writing f/x rather than integrating renoise with other applications on the control-level.

OK, I was just asking in general whether a SDK can be considered … sometime ;)

i am completely for this! im no programmer, but the idea of 3rd party fully integrated apps in renoise is awesome. You could even find a way to sell them to people through the site, or they could be released free a la buzz.

I would be willing to pay $30 - $50 for a new fully integrated filter in renoise, developed by a 3rd party :)


yes it would be really nice(in the lines with what flstudio have done with synthmaker)

when things are ready for this,then it will get my +1

I just want a metadevice SDK… the rest can be done with VSTs ;)