Did You See Thid One Yet?



dead link?

fixed link


wicked!!! :drummer:

Wow! …just wow!


I’m thinking more of it as a toy but I do realize the great possibilities of running one of your own songs through this baby. Can’t wait!!!

That’s some real-time Epileptic shocktherapy

It would be useful to show video demonstrations without needing to search specific chapters, just say the first keywords and it would automatically start there…
Goodbye video engineers.

Impressed by the technology and “learning video”, not impressed by the show as it was way too random for me. I got bored quickly.

something like wavetable or granular synthesis with video :)

interesting idea, but results didnt quite impressed me that much.

I don’t know… that shit would be dope to hook up with reaktor- resample it live and loop, run through a retrigger/mutilator play synths on top- complete live musical destruction- I am waaay interested in this! :drummer: I can just imagine the shit I would make with that thing!!! I can’t wait!

the ‘music’ it produces is crap.

but impressive device it is.

The music it produces sounds a lot like a couple of tracks on Aphex Twin’s 26 Mixes for Cash compilation I was listening to today once again.