atomly - diepvries

Junglist for the bassline, samples for everything else. Mastered with the Akai mastering plugins.

great arrangements… but the highs are a little too piercing for me. lots of new ideas and breaks. but jungle and DnB is not my kind of music, so you need a second opinion :)

Well arranged, but sounds really dated. The break is too obvious, need to make your breaks your own I reckon, the first noise that kicks in has been done a million times before, the bassline is Ok mad but a little too high pitched so no sub bass. It all just sounds old and done before.

Sorry if I sounds really harsh the actual work thats gone into it all is brilliant the breakdowns and the layouts are all good, its just the same tired old noises. I want to hear something fresh!

Grab some new breaks and samples here:


But make sure you play around with them and make them your own before using anything!!!

I respect everything you said, but I have to disagree. I was going for the Mutant sort of sound, but updated and harder with this one and I think that’s what I accomplished. I agree that the Firefighter is sort of the default break at this point (like the Amen was until Mutant Revisited came out) and the Reese bass is also an archetype, but that’s really what I was trying for here- an archetypal sound. I wasn’t really trying to write a groundbreaking track, just a good dancefloor stormer.

I honestly don’t think it would storm any dancefloors, not here in London anyway everything has moved on so far from this sort of stuff. Fair enough though if thats what you set out to do then cool.