Different default themes on different OS?

Is the difference in default themes (b4) between OS X and Linux intended?

(Just for clarification: On Linux I see a all yellow theme, like on 3.0. On OS X it is yellow, but some elements are orange.)

No, should be the same. Just double-checked. Looks OK here .

But when you already have an older version of Renoise installed (on OSX?), it won’t use the the new default theme but whatever theme you’ve been using previously.

It seems the other way around actually. On OS X I have a default theme I have never seen before (with the orange parts). On Linux, I have the well know yellow-only theme.

So again, which one is the new default? The orange one from OS X I assume?

Also, on both OS, double clicking the default theme in the theme folder, will load those different themes. In other words, I cannot load the orange one in Linux, because does not seem to be there.

Any more input on this?