Different Icon Color And Title For Beta Versions?


Simple one I guess…I always have to be careful not to start producing with the beta-version since fileformats are not BW compatible. Also its quite unhandy that the stable version link (on the desktop) is replaced by that one of the beta. A different icon (inverted?) would make the difference clearer.
…I also know it is dangerous to do stuff differently for a beta…but I guess this is like the expiry screen a beta-special.

Hey, thats the point of the public betas. You should make music with this thing!
If no one would use the betas, it could never go gold. Only this way we can find&fix the last bunch of problems.

No, really, do you ever got the problem that Renoise betas are that unstable that you could not use them production wise? Even if you stumble upon a nasty bug that makes production impossible, then we’ll fix that problem as soon as possible.

in the meantime, you can rename the file, change the icon or make a shortcut by yourself.

Usually, when I install the beta, I uncheck all the file association options so that any XRNS I click on will always open the latest stable version and this way I’m sure I will open the beta version consciously.

Well its for the SDCompo - the song has to be available in a public release… But I also like to explore the beta… Songs are not forward compatible ?? :)

Yeah, that so, but I forget that quite easily… Its some kind of lazyness perhaps - but a very small request :unsure:

no, sorry. songs saved with 2.1 once cannot be loaded into 2.0