different loop length, same pattern

Hi there,

Renoise is new to me, i’ve been working with ableton live for a long time and decided to give this a try for my acid liveset.
Super workflow, good sounding, … but there’s something i can’t figure out, or might even not be there…

Briefly put;

The 303 receives midi from a renoise channel.
In that same pattern i have all other stuff running at 4/4 130bpm.
Now i want to make the 303 do an off-tempo loop of 3 beats…
This is a live set situation, so i want to stay in the same pattern of 64 steps (and 64/3…)

Is this possible in renoise?



Hey Boris! The quick answer to this question is no - probably, this is THE most requested feature in Renoise ATM.
And I can’t offer a magic solution to this here and now, but rather I’d like to familiarize you with some very handy keyboard shortcuts :slight_smile:
So - if you are willing to do things in a linear fashion, then the idea is to extend the pattern length until you “reach equilibrium”

You mention 64 lines, but if a longer pattern isn’t a problem for you, then your 64 lines “backing pattern” could be repeated 3x (192 lines).
This is easily done with the following keyboard shortcuts:

First, select everything (CTRL/CMD+A), and copy it to the clipboard (CTRL/CMD+C).
Then, expand the pattern length using the numeric input in the upper left corner of the pattern editor and enter “192”
When this is done, you will have a pattern containing just the first 64 lines.
Then, hit (CTRL/CMD+P), to “Paste Continuously” - this is the trick, the pattern is now completely filled. Saves you from having to paste, scroll down, paste, etc.

Same approach with the 303 pattern: once you have selected the 12 lines that form your 303 pattern, CTRL/CMD+P will paste it 16 times.
So, essentially you can make a small change to the first 12 lines and then, Bam!, copy it to the remaining lines.

Someone will probably be nice and point you to Renoise tools that can pull off polyphonic rhythms (I have made a few myself), but seriously - it’s good to start by understanding the current limitations :slight_smile:

Thanks for this clear response :-)!
Limititations bring creations!
It’s been my first night with renoise and i won’t be asleep for long… :smiley: