different pattern font-sizes

are different font sizes (or only a switch: small/large) planned for the next releases?

it’s nearly not possible to work in 1280x1024 … with 8x8 fonts

generally at the moment 50% of all possible fonts in Renoise are quite useless … in my opinion nobody works with old 8x8 fonts like jumpin or crippled … don’t know why this fonts are available in renoise?!

i’d like to add a suggestion about renoise’s font: would be nice to put it to some font.bmp to make it custom with all 32-255 symbols, that would be good to show russian cirilic and stuff… that also makes renoise possible multi language.

take a look into the “Skin” folder. There you will find all used patternfonts and the Font.dat.
btw : if someone would like make a new Patternfont, feel free to do it and send it to me.


if anybody like this combination of bold chars and clear numbers … and a small OFF … take it :rolleyes:

i’ve done russian cirilic symbols, saved file, it became 4k size instead 7k, and renoise don’t want to load that font file, it says “invalid font and stuff…”…

i know … i used photoshop … open an original not changed font in another window … select + copy your new created font and paste it in the simply opened orginal font … save as your new font - you understand?!

there are addidtional infos in the font.dat which get lost while saving it as bitmap. If you want me to add it to the distribution simply send it to me and I will fix it.

Alex : I cannot download your patternfont. Could you send it to me ?

sorry, my f****** provider - server is down … please wait a little bit … if you see the picture here … u can download …