Different sound looping a pattern vs. repeating it?


So I’m using the Lonely Planet patch from the Massive VST for a track I’m making and I notice that when I loop a pattern with it (with a simple two-note sequence from D to D#, for example), it creates a bizarre note change at the beginning of the pattern and then sort of slowly plays the right note. Thing is, I kind of like this little effect but it only occurs when a pattern is looped. If you simply repeat the pattern back to back, the effect disappears. And actually putting in the wrong note doesn’t get the same sound.

So what causes this? Is there anyway to simulate it with repeated patterns? Sorry if this is an unclear description.

Try to shift-click the sequence number of the same pattern in the sequencer to queue the pattern as next to play and see if that does the trick every time.

If it does work, it still is a bug that causes your desirable effect.