Difficulty Downloading Offline Manual...


I’m getting slow d/l speed of about 4-10 kB/s - is this usual or a problem my end ?


hm, i’m just trying it, just for you :*

and here it works with my full bandwidth, meaning 345KB/s.

well, could be that’s because i use a downloadmanager for downloading things, namely in my case the -> free downloadmanager <-. that thing speeds up your downloads using the following technique:

well, that works for me. i often had very slow downloads on megaupload, but since free downloadmanager this is almost completely in the past now. (sometimes i still get a slow mirror, but that could be related due to the mirror being at the edge of its capacity)



It’s OK - downloaded eventually.

Probably something to do with work server (horror - I’m playing around with Renoise when I should be diagnosing disease ! hope the hospital chief exec isn’t lurking on these forums :) )