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You might want to read this nice ebook here

Nice one, I hope the In:Depth peeps are busy taking notes…?

Well, I managed to read the first few chapters of and I was completely blown away. This book covers everything from Chord-Basics to Sample-Programs and sequencers. It also has quite a nice list of VST and VSTi available and goes deep into the details of how they sound and how to use them.

The book is written in very simple english and the writing is really enjoyable. I bought a lot of books about mastering and compression recently and they all were not as good as this one.

The book also deals with “the perfect soundcard” and how monitor speakers have to sound like. It even gives suggestions about the real headphones as we all know monitors can be quite expensive.

There is a HUGE chapter on how to tweak XP or MacOS for musical needs. I don’t know which stuff counts for renoise but disabling screen-effects definetely helps a lot when it comes to performance.

I don’t get paid for advertising this book but it really blew me away. DIYNow combined with Renoise In:Depth are the “big deal”.

Thanks for sharing the link :)

Haven’t been that much into that book now, but by the looks of it, it seems like a very good all in one guide.

This is certainly good for beginners, especially for new Renoise users looking into the hardware side of things. I can’t say I give much credit to the song writing section though.

I’ll do a little snippit up for InDepth. It would be good if something similar was written about hardware and beginner Renoise users (any willing article writers?).

maybe this tutorial is a bit better. Personally, I’ve found the other tutorial’s songwriting section quite ridicolous, and skipped reading the rest…


ok so i stole that line from bleepin j squawkins… but anyway

Well, some chapters where pretty fun to read, while other chapters where pure crap… “Everything on your desktop goes into RAM” for example, haha, it is pretty clear that the guys that written this book isn’t IT-professionals ;) and they do not even mention renoise!! :panic: but besides that it was a pretty good book, especially considering its free, but if your not a complete beginner, do not expect to much from it ;)