Digital Musician Needed For Computer Game

Hi there,

I and two other game enthusiasts are working on an online multiplayer computer game slated to be released next year. The game is called Link-Dead and is being programmed by the same guy who made the game “Soldat” if you’ve ever heard of it. I am making all of the graphics in the game and we also have a concept artist.

We are looking for a musician to work with us on the game. You must understand that we can’t offer you any money for this; all of us are working on this game purely because we are passionate about what we do, be it programming, game design or art work. If you are a person passionate about writing music and would possibly like to get your name out, then I think you will enjoy working with us.

We are looking for a sort of metal / industrial / dark ambient mix of music with this game. If you think you can make that sort of music, then we would be very pleased to work with you.

This isn’t a position that is open to a single person. Anyone who wants to contribute is welcome to submit a single song or whatever. All of us work on this game every day and it is coming along at a great pace.

Here are some of the assets from the game:

You can read up on information about the game on these websites: (for information on the game technology) (for graphics)

If you are interested in working with us, then send me an email at this address along with a sample or two of your work:

Thanks guys :)