Sure, I can hear 'em - even on my crap speakers. :walkman:

I tried to do this myself sometime ago - it’s really hard to get the resonance that loud.

But sorry, I would go with It-Alien’s mobile ring signal - if I didn’t have such a cheap phone. :lol:

Thanks, Andy:Ray. I’ll study.

Yes, of course I can hear too.
Especially “Diplo 7” is well. :walkman:

When I heard your file for the first time, I got something “funny” feeling in tremolo [Diplo 3].
I had not heard such an expression.

I had thought such a singing method exists only in Mongolia(Asia).
Personally, I have a considerably mysterious, racial image in it.
And I had never thought that I would hear it in Renoise Forum!!
I wanted to tell you the surprise by my first comment.(but too short to tell) :rolleyes:
I should not write the first sentence.
Oh no, my buggy brain and english… :wacko:

Parsec: yes, that was exactly what I’ve meant; I must say that I’m impressed by your technique.

I’ve never tried to achieve such effect; maybe one day I’ll try and beat you :P

As a reply, I will let you listen to another finding from the jam session I had of some days ago: I bet you Parsec know this song ;)

It’s the first time I got appreciation from “another diplophonist” :lol:

Sure I do :yeah: and I’m quite impressed by your “siren” aswell… only point is that Demetrio Stratos was a demon with superhuman precision playing with musician with superhuman skills.
I’m lucky I know the original… I can’t possibly imagine the face of those not knowing what was supposed to originally sound like :D :D

Infact I haven’t heard that neither… I just went with some improvisation… :)

i’m sorry i’ve been off the boards for a few weeks so i didn’t get a chance to hear your guys samples of diplophony until tonight, thanks for that though .

here’s what i came up with

quick diplophony

just a short take, sorry about the sound quality but it is a really crap mic, and i can’t do it loud enough to back off from the mike enough to make it not have a bunch of wind sound. but basically it is just me humming and whistling at the same time

:lol: nice try :)
That’s the synth-edit version of a diplophony-Vsti! :rolleyes:

??? what are you talking about ??

that is 100% all from my mouth in 1 take right there

I have no doubts about that! :lol:
As a matter of fact “it is” a “diplophony”… but it’s, somehow, the “simple” (easy?) version… pretty much like a synth-edit made Vsti :)
Hope you take no offence, it’s just that I do that since childhood and I don’t think it takes no control/effort to handle it… but what do I know, respect anyway. If you’re interested about diplophonies you should really learn some theory and practice on new/harder techniques, IMHO :D

oh yeah, i know it didn’t take much skill, i just learned how to do it a couple months ago while i was messin around. no offense taken :)

Being a simple person, vocally, here’s me moving my mouth around while brushing with an electric toothbrush.

Respect to your technique Parsec, first time I heard something like that was on KLF - Chill Out. :)

ROFL :lol:
Quite electro! :D
Maybe me and It-alien should start giving small diplophony lessons sooner or later, anyone interested? :)

I’m really interested in Sago’s electric toothbrush lessons :lol:

:lol: You have to follow “Didgeridoo 1 and 2” and THEN you might enlist for Sago’s Electric Tootbrush…

My technique is quite advanced, you will need years of training with a REGULAR toothbrush firsthand!

Though, I presume everyone here already got that growing up. :P

Oh and Parsec, first of all I’d need some regular singing lessons, here’s a short acapella thingey I did to test out my mic. Ofcorse sequenced in Renoise, hehe…

:lol: You’re on a good direction :D
First thing that comes to my mind is that you should be carefull when singing lines with a very low note in it. Emission should start with a volume… and everything coming after should have the same volume. Normally you run out of breath as far as you sing… so you should really push more and more while singing untill you reach the end of your melodic line. This is good to prevent loss of volume while singing… otherwise you’re going to see that any voice recording is slowly fading away with volume from the beginning to the end of the line.
Other thing is that very low notes are a bit tricky to be done :) these require more “pressure” to sound at the same level of the other notes…
Last thing is about the “cranical” voice… seems like you’re used to “hum” your stuff… infact there is at least one moment where you really are not singing but rather almost humming the song (the note n. 3 - 4 - 5 of the bass voice) That makes for a great imprecision and acapella style requires great precision in the first place :)
yes, after evalutating with care I have to come to the conclusion that you need a lesson or two… but that will happen only if you teach me your exotic Electric Toothbrush technique… :lol:

gash. This ogg-file scares me… IT, you ARE an alien indeed! ;)

I thought it was just a different way to pronounce his nationality (ITalian)

to get about how to do diplophonia… (or even triplophonia!)
Read and sink in the ground:

Ah, damn! Dj io was faster than me with the humming and whistling. I also had a try tonight…and I also flipped with the fingers :)
I tried to DiPLoPHoNe a moll song, but I think I need some training :)
Here’s the result.

…ah…just in case, here’s what it should sound like :) .

Gilli! That’s nice! :D

Thanks a lot, Parsec! :)