Dirty Vegas Remix

All feedback welcome. rock on!


Really like it :D

cool, thanks xerxes!

replay nice work! wow o0

ps, no download… ? :]

thanks silverwings! here ya go http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MHX97J5P

You know KWM, when you upload some batch shit of songs there are many i think… nah well yeah, not completely my thing, but these batches always contain one or two songs that i think “BAM! car audio material!” and i think you should not stop doing that because whatever is not my thing is probably someone elses…
This one is definately the good shit!

The original doesn’t sound bad either, but it doesn’t has the snap of your version.


Yeah, this is definitely some bangin good stuff :drummer:

super clean production. not my usual taste in genre, but some very good work here man. so clean, and good technique.

Thanks a lot you guys! Your positive feedback is very encouraging :walkman: :D
Sorry for the late response, I’ve been a bit sick to say the least.
Apparently I’m sensitive to electromagnetic fields and my car is a big source of that.
Anybody ever heard of such a thing?

I’ve not heard about this being a problem in cars, but somehow I’m not surprised that it’s possible. Do you have WIFI, bluetooth, or something similar installed in it? I mean, we’ve got so many different airborne technologies that operate with high frequencies - for example, I’ve had a cellphone that caused me to go dizzy in the head. Swapped it for another model, after trying it out in the shop - the salesperson was (to my surprise) aware that some people were more sensitive to the microwave field than others. Electrosmog is a big and controversial subject.

Regarding your song - amazing. The energy and production skills are top notch!!

Thanks for your reply danoise. I think you’re right about the high frequencies. Wifi does mess me up so I moved in with some family that does not have it. It’s pretty amazing how attached people are to their wireless shit even when they know it’s really hurting someone they supposedly care about. I’ve been driving that car forever… We must have some kind of threshold against this stuff and now there’s just too much. Anyways, thanks for your insight and thanks for listening to my track :D

wooot excellent this is going on my ipod! your sound is spot on