Disable Audio


not sure if this is already there, i haven’t found. but a possibility to disable audio and free the device resources would be very handy. my e-mu 0202 can’t do directsound when some application is already operating with it through ASIO, so if i’d want to switch to my audio-editor i’d have to go to renoise preferences and select directsound audio device there, and then when i’m done i’d have to set it back to ASIO. would be nice if near panic button or somewhere in the corner would be a button to disable audio. or, maybe if user clicks Panic with right click, or some key modifier like ctrl or alt.

hope you people understand what i am talking about :) (this isn’t my native language)

Some programs automaticalle release ASIO driver when they lose focus. Maybe that would solve your problem?

i need Renoise to release ASIO.

Most likely not gonna make it to the beta, but I really would like it too. Or at least possibility to choose which channels Renoise uses and which not.