disable rewire?

is there any way to stop renoise becoming host when i launch reason? i know if i launch reason first it’ll work standalone only (as reason can’t host) but it’s a pain having to back out of renoise.

You mean stop Renoise turning into a master? It’s Master/Slave regarding ReWire, not Host/Guest.

A slave DAW is never being started as a Master from within another host so you actually already loose me here regarding comprehension.

If you start Renoise seperately and manually, but Renoise detects a master ReWire host, then Renoise offers you to start Renoise as a slave but you can decline and then it will simply start as a stand-alone host.

yeah, I should rephrase that. is there any option in renoise to stop reason slaving to renoise when I launch reason? basically i don’t want reason to operate in rewire mode so i can use its bounce facility.

The only situation i can think of when that happens automatically is that you might have a ReWire device hidden in one of your tracks in your template song or your current song.
Renoise doesn’t turn into a master without a ReWire device.

If your Renoise environment is clean of ReWire devices and Reason still starts up as a slave, then it is Reason assuming things here that cannot be addressed from within Renoise but can only be addressed at the Reason developers.

So the checklist:
-Start up Renoise
-check presence of any ReWire device in the existing tracks of your empty song.
-If present remove them, resave current song as template song
-If necessary restart computer to make sure no ReWire sessions are present when you restart Renoise the next time
-Open Reason and pray.

thanks but sadly this doesn’t seem to work for me. I did ask over at the ph forums and learned that apparently if you run 32bit and 64bit versions together then rewire won’t work. I guess i could try that if i don’t figure out a better way.