Disable Ui

Idea is a method to disable all UI updates (maybe even VST UI’s).

mostly I’m using renoise as a audio/DSP router/splitter with some midihardware and other software on other audiodevices while jamming. so sometimes the UI is not important at all.

  • a button, maybe in the right top corner next to the fullscreentoggle,
  • midimappable,
  • maximum audio processing power,
  • less distraction while jamming.

when I’m driving the audiodevice on the edge it seems I can get a little boost when keeping the PDC window open. looks like it blocks the updates that way. work’s kind of :)


Minimizing the Renoise window will stop the GUI from doing anything, and well, it’s hidden then too ;)

aye. it’s just too bad one need to use the mouse.

Renoise’s Lua scripting API provides methods for minimizing and maximizing the window (among other things). It’s therefore trivial to create your own tool that provides custom MIDI mappings for these methods.

I’ve taken the liberty of doing so:
2964 org.illformed.WindowMidiMappings.xrnx

To install, simply drag the .xrnx file into Renoise.

To use the new mappings, you’ll need to expand the “Available & Active Mappings” view:
2966 renoise_window_midi_map.png

I wasn’t sure which version of Renoise you’re using, so I made the tool for 2.7, but it’s also compatible with 2.8 and will be automatically upgraded when you install it.

Feel free to modify it to suit your own needs. For more information on other methods you can use, check /Scripts/Documentation/ in your Renoise application directory.

now thats exactly what I need :D. thanks alot dblue. very nice.

No problemo.

PS. I’ve edited my post above to show where the new mappings will actually appear.

works perfectly.