Disabling Right-click In Dsp Effect Table


I’m just trying to disable the
‘right-click on a slider = effect command in your pattern’ feature.
Any way to do this? It’s quite annoying if you don’t want it there… I’d prefer for it to not create automation either.

Instead it would be nice if right-clicking caused the contextual menu to pop up, like most other windows…

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious… Thanks,


Why don’t you use left-click instead? ;)

And what kind of a pop-up menu (I mean what options) do you expect by right-clicking on a slider?

I guess I don’t expect any, but it would be nice if you could assign a given MIDI CC to it, for example.
Might make it more intuitive to put the “send current value to automation” or “send current value to effect command”
in there as well… I dunno.

Seemed reasonable to me 30 min ago.


not sure if I got what you mean, but:
rightclick the DSP, then choose “Map parameters to MIDI”

is this what you need?

A single right-click on the slider when the song is stopped would do.

no, i was actually trying to avoid sending effect commands to my pattern by right-clicking.
it’s pretty annoying to have to go and clean that up when you don’t mean to right click on something.
i feel like the feature should be placed elsewhere or maybe a quick-key combo could create it instead.

thanks though!