Disabling Right Modifier Keys

The whole “right shift for record” etc thing bothers me. Usually I just end up trying to do some basic command like copying a section, and accidentally trigger playback instead. I removed the keymappings for these keys, but I’d like to just use them like the left modifier keys. Is there a simple way to do this?

As of 2.7.2 I believe not but it has been suggested that disabled (left and right both as standard modifier) and left-handed (L/R function swapped) modes be added in the past. Maybe we’ll see it with disabling qwerty musical keyboard at some point in the future ;)

it’d be very nice to have this, since i use shift-key to add vst/au efx to the trackdsp chain… being able to use right-shift for the same as left-shift would help me at least :)

I would love to see both these options, the current system has me playing hand Twister too often for my liking!