Disco Dsp - Sampler Test


Is this realtime? (offline rendering should be perfect: http://www.simonv.com/tutorials/quality.php )

edit: oops , my bad, next time I’ll check the tests better, there is also an offline renoise graph linked which looks a lot better then the realtime one. :slight_smile: Still, looks like there is room for improvement.

This is all with dithering.
(There is not really much difference without dithering.)

I did a stereo test btw.

1.9.1 Offline rendering using arguru sinc 32 bit.

1.9.1 Realtime rendering 16 bit cubic:

But there is indeed room for improvement.
At least the images i post look a bit less party-animal like than the images posted by k.m. krebs

edit:Notice how the upsteps only display 5 notes instead of 7, so at A4 and B4, Renoise seems to mess up.