Disco: For You

(EatMe) #1


EatMe - For You - free download on www.eatme.pro/music

released withhttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/by EatMe -http://www.eatme.pro-

feel free to share and broadcast for free only with attribution to EatMe onhttp://www.eatme.proand/or soundcloud/eatme

EatMe - For You - music is for free download onhttp://www.eatme.pro/musicand soundcloud/eatme

visuals are blurred from program EAZ2.EXE by EatMe - unlimited flower painting program - seehttp://archive.org/details/eazflowerandhttp://eatme.pro/eazfor QB source and executable download for in DosBox.

Made with
Renoise 3.0.1 - free shareware version available - not expensive
Lennardigital Sylenth1 (VSTi) - very expensive
Korg WaveStation (VSTi) - very expensive but worth it
HGFortune Serenity Pro (VSTi) - unavaliable
smartelectronix MJRotoDelay (VST) - freeware
smartelectronix Bram SupaPhaser (VST) - freeware
CloneEnsemble BassChorus v2.2 (VST) - freeware
ByerDynamic Virtual Studio (VST) - freeware


(EatMe) #2

Nice but it sounds like a backing track, if it were down to me and if l had the skills l’d have put a guitar improvisation or soloed some other plucked fast attack medium-ish delay instrument over it.

I mean, medium-ish release, not delay.

It would have value as a backing track if that’s what you intended all along though.

Nice tune though - very bossa nova.

Thank you very much! It kind of sits there in some intended background… stay tuned!