Discovery (Downtempo/Chill)

Here’s a track i’ve been workin on the last few days, inspired by Boards of Canada and the like. I’m pretty happy with it so far but feel like the mixing could use some work. Any feedback appreciated.

sorry cant feel it.
it sounds quite lonely and static.

the piano part that starts at 2:00 is really smooth and nice but doesnt fit with the rest, for me its in a different mood.
imo, the lead part in the end sounds like its in a different key/scale, too.

and the drum part, come on, you can do better. its just a simple oldschool break looping over and over.

for my taste, load the track and start working on the arrangement again.
let the different parts play with each other through effects and nifty placed notes/commands.

for the harmony thing:

Thanks for the reply dude. You were right about the key, it changed from minor to major. I changed that and revised that lead as well. I think it actually sounds better this way. As for the drums, I know they’re simple, but I like the way they sound. When I tried to add drum hits to spice them up they always sounded really out of place. I’ll keep working on it though, i’ll upload a new version at some point.

Uploaded a new version, comments appreciated.