Discrepancies between audio input levels

Hi all,

I’m using Renoise 3.1 on a Mac and recording my Synths through a Focusrite 18i20. I’ve noticed the recording volume of my synth through the Focusrite Control software (lists analog inputs, software outs etc) is higher than the volume when monitoring through Renoise itself; for example, if i mute the channel through Focusrite Control and let Renoise monitor it’s quieter.

The difference isn’t considerable, but is this the nature of how Renoise operates or just due to the fact that each piece of software has a different way of handling it? (the mixer control software is neutral/0 on the channel also)

Sorry for the stupid question.



The difference should be considerable, it is -6 db which is like halving the amplitude. This is the standard preset.

Go to the top menu bar. Song->Song Options->Track headroom. Normally it is set to about -6db, lowering volume of each track before it goes to its destination. Setting it to zero db should pass the audio through from input to output unchanged in volume, unless you tamper with it in between.

Ah right! I see how it works now. Thanks!