Will renoise turn in to a Fruity Loop’s kind of app?

I think the newest version clearly tell us that this is about to happen if the users of renoise dont speak up!

Dev’s : Take a step back and see if you really are fit for the job. (No doubt you know how to program) Or should you consider asking someone who knows about streamlining an application like Renoise ???

Why go “pro” (pro, like: looks like a pro app. but IS a tracker)

share your thoughts USERS!!!

My thoughts: You seem to be the only user on these forums that thinks this way about the newest updates. The fact that the developers are taking steps towards a more structured UI has no bearing on whether Renoise will become a piece of corporate whore software like FL is.

The fact is, you’re bitter about a few UI changes… which you haven’t really discussed that much, other than using them to attack the new version… it’s ok that you don’t like those UI changes… you’re entitled to your feelings… however, attacking the devs, and trying to ralley other users up against them is completely uncalled for and childish. We all have to deal with changes in life, and these changes are trivial compared to (say) the loss of a project such as Renoise. GROW UP AND DEAL WITH IT.

DISCLAIMER: I really havn’t had very much experience with Renoise at all (yet)!

Summary: I like it.

You can skip the rest of the post now.

Still here? Weird.
Alright, in my opinion a tracker’s a tracker’s a tracker. I like the organization and flexibility. Just because it’s a tracker doesn’t mean it has to look extremely different than every other app on earth. If it makes sense in how the interface is laid out and is intuitive, isn’t that what a GUI is supposed to provide?

As a relatively new user, Renoise is quite accessible with a good number of keyboard AND mouse commands that make working with it quick and easy.

The way tracks vs. channels are laid out are interesting but very welcome.
To me, “Pro” software means flexibility in audio routing, effects, and mixing – all of which Renoise does shiningly, and the audio engine with ASIO is just a treat.

So it doesn’t require a GUS in DOS and doesn’t use 320x240 – does that make it somehow less worthwhile?

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I think it’s odd that you’re just referring to renoise as a gonna-be-lookalike FL but didn’t mention anything in detail. Can you explain wtf your problem is?

Renoise IS a tracker, and Renoise IS Pro!

yes i started out quite hard…

But to me non of you seem to care about the tracker itself. Its like Windows Vista. Its not getting better by adding some bling to it??

Again: Dev’s - ARE these changes bound to happen??? is ther NO other way??

bantai mentioned some dockable windows, and thats more of the kind of development i was hoping for in the new version.

BYTE-smasher: I understand you have no depth. I LOVE renoise. AND the idea “Tracker” Thats why it angers me. its like if your 15-year old daughter is getting dipped by some asshole.

Wow… dockable windows eh?.. that really adds to the tracker… seems to me that a concept like dockable windows would make Renoise MORE like FL…

IF you hadn’t noticed, the new version has quite a few added features that are very useful… the sample editor has recording now… there’s a brand new mixer that allows for proper mixing of tracks… which fixes the whole needing to put gainers at the end of every DSP chain… those are the noticeable things

some things you may not have noticed: the popup menus now have more options that pertain to wherever you may be clicking, such as transposing selected notes WITHOUT having to go into some convoluded advanced edit tab… you can now undo almost ANYTHING… and the XRNS format will allow you to write custom tools to manage your songs in an infinite number of ways. These features are anything but shallow and cosmetic.

The fact is, your dockable windows are more cosmetic than anything, and I find it absolutely hypocritical that you would suggest that while at the same time implying that Renoise is becoming more like FL because of a lack of useful features.

And to attack me, saying I “have no depth”, just goes to prove how childish you are.

A general thought: Software is made for its users. It should evolve so the users will be increasingly happy with it.

So, if any individual like HaveSome rants about how Renoise is going to be the next Magix Music Maker, the devs should cry out “Mea Culpa” and start over… NOT.

It’s simply impossible to please everyone. It seems Renoise is going a way that the vast majority of its users like. Saying that they don’t care about the tracker is political horsefeathers. They all do and they produce cool things with it. One voice won’t change a thing. OK, unless you are Aphex Twin, Trent Reznor or Keith303 (kudos, Keith!).

Or my mum. :blink:

Yeah, back to the point: can you imagine that Honda stops producing Civic because one of it’s users rants that the old version was better and he doesn’t like the evolution direction?

But I’m a friendly guy, after all, HaveSome. That’s why I’m going to give you some really hot advice on how to make your opinions more significant and serious:

  • cool down and stop calling people names, stop accusing people that they’re ignorant, inept, whatever. Stop that.
  • do some work with Renoise that gets any acclaim and show why the current changes will make it harder for you to grow. Bitching about the new GUI means nothing if you cannot prove you could do anything good with the old one in the first place.
  • prepare your posts carefully so it doesn’t look like random piece of flamebait and trolling. I.e.: think over what you actually want to achieve, if you see a problem, describe it with detail, propose a solution.
  • yeah, you are important. You registered Renoise. You use it. But you are not by any means more important than anyone else (OK, unless you’re Aphex Twin, Trent Reznor or Keith303 ;) ) so get rid of that attitude.
  • take a deep breath and smile :lol:

Best regards!

HAHA. dockable means dockable. it doesnt mean that it has to be released from the rest of the gui. Think of it as another panel layered differently… together with inst.ed sampl. ed etc.
it could be a rolldown menu…anything…!
The POINT is that the pref. menu and other cool features is “hidden”

And my point is that you were attacking beta for having cosmetic changes like the menu system, when what you’re requesting is in fact… DUN DUN DUN… A COSMETIC CHANGE!

BTW, look at any modern app, and you will find that the preferences are “hidden” behind a “main menu”… 99% of users will look to such a menu first for the preferences.

I have to wonder exactly what you’re doing with your composing workflow that makes you have to access the preferences so often… perhaps if you enlightened us to that, we would have more of an understanding of your frustrations ;)

I’ve been tracking since 1991, I like the new Renoise more than any other tracker I’ve used in my life.

My bet is I’m not the only old-schooler on the board with this opinion. My bet is I’m not the oldest.

A tracker is a tracker is a legacy. A legacy moves forward. A legacy dies when it stagnates.

Your opinions are basically rants without any foundation. I know what a tracker is. I’ve been using them since the beginning.

Sorry, but you’re going to have to accept that you are wrong and move forward by chosing another tracker, learning to code one yourself, or travel back in time and use Ultimate Soundtracker over and over and over.

Well, did you really make soo much changes in those configs during your song-edit that you swapped from the configs area and the pattern editor back and forth all the time?
Because it seems that this is your background for complaining and yeah, the window is up front and you have to constantly push it around if it covers an area you are configuring (!? don’t know anything possible besides changing the theme options)…
The pref menu is something that has options that need to be configured once in a while but not all the time.
Some of the options are even available on-the-fly on other areas (Load file with options context:Import functions for .MID or .WAV or Raw samples etc.) without having to specifically setting these in the preferences.

Renoise is still a tracker because it still functions as one. Changing the error quantasion (bpm accurate timing) doesn’t change much to it, it still works with ticks and rows.
The way a GUI looks is abritrary but should be self-explanatory. Renoise has been changed to favor new potential users and it was not designed for only the hardcore elite vet. sceners that know trackers inside out.
In one way i am personally glad that a lot of default Windows functionality works as in any other application and that such preferences are stowed away to the background.
If those preferences would be layered, let’s assume it would be layered across the central area where the pattern editor is, yeah this is somewhat like the totally old-skool fasttracker method but it doesn’t seem logical what such preferences do there and why should it be as easy accessible like the rest… are they part of the workflow?

No they are not.
Non-workflow related matters are tugged away somewhere else and that is the new design as it is.


for the nth time: you can assign a keyboard shortcut to preferences panel, so that, if you feel the urge to change some preferences, you can just press the whatever shortcut you assigned, and the preferences will show up.

of course, you need to open the preferences panel once using teh maus in order to set it :rolleyes:

Seriously, if we all were like you, Renoise wouldn’t even have existed at all… we would have been still using trackers with no undo, no MIDI, no VST and so on. Because back in the old days we were satisfied with it, and so we should be now.

Could you do yourself a favour and try to take advantages of the new features instead of focusing on your only, vague, rant? Think about how much Renoise is different from Protracker. OMFG! How did you get accoustomed to all these changes?

I think another big point in Renoise is the customization: if you don’t like a shortcut, you can just change it. How if you didn’t like the CTRL+F4 shortcut in the past? How did you survive to CTRL+F4 being the Windows shortcut for closing MDI windows?

One advice: set the shortcut for preferences panel to Alt+P and go on; I ensure you that Renoise is still going to be a tracker , and I hope your assumption is not just a stupid provocation made in order to keep people’s attention; that would just be unfair to the developer of this software so much people use and like, and so much people don’t even know the existence of.

(/me using trackers since 1993 and in love with renoise 1.8)

Just looked in the 1.5.2 config panel, and there’s only 2 things I can see that one might need during composing… that’s the VST Rescan button and the Midi config… perhaps HaveSome has many midi devices and likes to swap between them or something… other than that, there’s nothing in there that would need to be accessed on a regular basis…

… did I mention that I’m a Computer Programmer / System’s Analyst, and the first thing I must do when a client starts requesting features is find out WHY they want them? Often times, the reason they want the feature can show more about what should REALLY be implemented. Clients often request things because they think it will solve a problem when in reality the proper solution should be much different than what they see in their mind. It’s kinda like when a patient goes into a Doctor’s office complaining of a symptom, and the doctor tries to figure out what’s really going on… treating the symptom would be pointless if you ignore the cause of the problem. In this case, I’m completely convinced that HaveSome is having a problem with Renoise Beta that he’s trying to fix by treating a symptom instead of stating the root of his problem.

… so yah… I’m still waiting for HaveSome to enlighten us as to how exactly the preferences menu affects his composing workflow ;)

…and why is that? is that cuz it’s always been like that or is it the best way to do it? THATS my point. it could easily be placed,for instanse, to left of the diskbrowser instead.

Thank you for your time.

Mabye i will post some sketches of what i mean… someday.

And AGAIN, its NOT about problems of adjusting to new shortcuts etc. read my post with an open mind… then you’ll see.

on that note, is the sampler/recorder somehow loaded EACH time you open sampleeditor? it opens sssssloooowly.

…im not that good with words… thats why i make music

READ my posts. thanks

No thanks.


I love how you tell me to read all of your posts yet you read so little of mine HaveSome… I will repeat again: please enlighten us as to how you use the preferences so often that they should be cluttering up the main UI

Yeah well it could have been placed on the left side next to the pattern arranger as well similary hidden like the advanced edit on the right, but the discussion is still very meaningless if you don’t explain what your personal issue is with this GUI because up to date you did not particulary specified your personal problem (either that or you are not clear enough); What is your personal downfall with this layout that bothers your workflow?

I don’t understand what “fruity loops kind of app” means, and why this would be a bad thing. Please explain if you have the time. Renoise still gives balls-on accurate control of most parameters and the interface is still not too cluttered. The new features such as mixer view and line-in support are a heaven-sent and save a lot of time. The new enhancements in version 1.8 came as a surprise to me and i feel like the devs have really thought everything through properly before doing something for this new version. I wish most software developers were as sensible.

Guys, this is pointless. It seems we’re just feeding a troll. :angry:

No constructive discussion comes out from this thread (and the threads before that). The only thing I’ve learnt is that we should all obey HaveSome, or else it means we are ignorants, fools or don’t care about The Tracker and the mystical Ideology Of Trackers. Ah, and some conspiracy theories alltogether (“Everybody is using the main menu concept but are you sure they aren’t wrong?!”, “If we don’t stop them, the devs are gonna make FL of Rns!”, blah blah blah).

Any questions regarding details are ignored. Any remarks on the rude style are ignored. Most of HandSome’s ridiculous posts are later “translated” or “explained” by other community members, trying to find something relevant in them, just for the discussion’s sake.

Come on, this is a waste of time.