Disk Browser: Can Create Folder, But Not Move Files There

i just created a new folder via the disk browser and tried to move a song to it by dragging the files on the folder icon.

while trying, the mouse cursor indicates the possibility to do so, but when releasing the mouse button nothing happens.

am i doing something wrong or is this functionality really missing?

No this functionality is not supported and maybe a minor bug that it looks like it is?

To do this operation you can use the “Reveal in explorer” funtion by right clicking the file/ folder you want to move. You can now carry this out in windows explorer.

Drag and drop is only for loading files, not moving them around.
Renoise Diskbrowser was not meant to mimic file explorer environments.
I personally even consider the waste-basket unnessesary but that is a personal opinion, there are folks that probably use this option.