Disk_Browser_Is_Expanded Interferes W/active_Middle_Frame

Hi. Here is a bit of code to set middle_frame to Sample Keyzones and diskbrowser to More-mode and back to regular-size.

renoise.app().window.disk_browser_is_expanded = not renoise.app().window.disk_browser_is_expanded  

i am unable to run this code twice in a row so that the diskbrowser would disappear and come back (first press creates diskbrowser in more-state, second press makes it disappear, third comes back again, etc).

this on/off behaviour for disk_browser_is_expanded will only run if the active_middle_frame is not being set.

since i would really like to set active_middle_frame with 1 keyboard shortcut and still have togglable diskbrowser more/off-mode with this 1 keyboard shortcut, all i can do is request that this be made to work. thanks!

Phew, was able to get this to work with these tweaks:

function F3()  
local w=renoise.app().window  
local s=renoise.song()  
if w.active_upper_frame == 1 and w.active_middle_frame == 4 and w.active_lower_frame == 3 and w.disk_browser_is_expanded==false  
then w.disk_browser_is_expanded=true return  
w.active_lower_frame =3  
w.active_upper_frame =1  

So first time you press F3, it initializes into Lower=Instrument Settings, Middle=Sample Editor, Upper=Disk Browser. then when you press F3, it switches to disk browser expanded=mode, then when you press f3 again, it minimizes the expanded mode.
real handy. :)

Thanks! Something I’ve been made aware of is to use the constants as described in the API docs. It’s good for readability, and (in worst case) future compatibility.