Disk Browser Navigation With Keyboard

Hi. According to the keyboard mapping in Preferences, I should be able to press the Up or Down arrow on my PC to move up and down within the files in the Disk Browser. This actually moves the selected line up and down in the Pattern Editor though. Is there a modifier that you need to use to make it work (e.g. Shift, Ctrl, Alt or something??)


the focus of the application must be on the disk browser in order for these shortcuts to work. Use LCTRL + TAB to move the focus through the different sections (notice how the corners of the sections get a different colour) or LALT+LeftClick (or middleclick) the diskbrowser. now you will be able to browse through files using the arrows

Middle-click to focus works too. (The scroll wheel is also a button)

Thanks! LCTRL+TAB or LALT+LeftClick it is! Thats much easier. And hey, Renoise is way easier to preview samples than some VSTs claim to be!! :slight_smile: