Disk Browser - Quicksearch

A feature well known from (for example) windows file explorer, which would be handy to have in renoise disk browser as well:
In an open file explorer window which has focus, you enter the first few letters of a directory or filename and the target will be highlighted automatically, given that the entered string can be found as a name in the folder/filename list.

content of “C:\Audio” is

Ableton Cakewalk Cubase Reason Renoise Samplitude Sonar dr_awesome.xrns yellow_submarine.xrns

entering “Ren” will directly jump to and highlight “Renoise”.
entering “y” will directly jump to “yellow_submarine.xrns”

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maybe just get to the point and give us a search database? :rolleyes:
Ok, Ok - I’m asking too much, +1 from meh :D

i agree. this, and loads of other suggestions made for the disk browser (like paths, for example).

couldn’t you simply delete all non-renoise folders? ;)

or alternatively, i could move everything into renoise folder ;)

i’d like to hear your cover of that one :)