Diskbrowser -> Instrument/samples Suggestion

I just figured out how to get VDMSound working for IT, when I rediscovered a really great feature that I used to take for granted:

In Impulse Tracker, when you were searching around your hard drive for samples/instruments, you could click on actual IT file (or an S3M/XM/MOD) and then load instruments directly from the other modules.

It was great! You didn’t have to bother organizing a big sample directory or anything (or maybe I’m just anal :)), and more importantly, it let you skip a step or two when you wanted to put a sample/instrument from one mod into another. The convenience of this becomes much more apparent when you wanna take a sample from this mod, a sample from that, and so on.

I think this would be a really great feature for Renoise… although the fact that it occured to me means it’s probably been mentioned before. Oh well.

Dude. :guitar:

Its a damn fine idea mate! But has been up already. :D

yeah, and that way a lot more people would start swapping mods again.

we used to always grab .it mods off people just to rip their samples.

Indeed we did, and I want this feature, now where’s the registered user push idea option? :)