Diskop & FXB

One thing i find a bit unhandy with the new diskop;
if you have many folders to deal with, let’s say in your sample library, there’s not much room left for the filenames! they get shoved more and more to the right side, the more folders you open.

and a question;
is it possible to add a “save FXB bank/patch”-feature in the vst and vsti windows? not all plugins have this feature built-in, so i would find it extremely useful.

You can drag the border thats between the filnames and the directorys…

And you can show only parts of the tree by clicking with the right mouse on a directory node. This way you can for example have your samples folder and subfolders as the root dir and forget about everything else thats on the disk …

How about a save fxb feature??

will be in the final 1.27 release

I’ve enver understood what’s so great with this feature… probably I am missing something, but if I need to save a VSTi preset, I just save the associated RNI and, by loading it in a slot, I refind the same settings I’ve saved.

Is there anything else that FXP saving will let me do? :unsure:

You can for example open them in other programs than Renosie ;)
FXP is just one preset, FXB is all banks in a VSTi…