Diskop:how To Select Multiple Samples & Preview New Selected Sampl

when preview is on and disk browser is on samples mode, and you click on a sample, you preview it.

but when you start selecting multiple samples based on what you heard, in order to load them into one instrument, you stop hearing what you select with cmd-down, f.ex.
how do i keep selecting multiple samples and hearing the new sample i selected?

What does Cmd+Down do on OSX?

Shift+Down = Highlight block selection
Ctrl+Down = Change Disk Op View (scroll through Samples/Theme/Song/etc)
Alt+Down = Change Instrument, down.

Didn’t think it was possible to make broken selection with the keyboard only, although I would like to know how if it is.

cmd-click on a sample. i for some reason decided to say “cmd-down” instead of cmd-left-click on a sample

Ahh OK.

+1 to the suggestion of Cmd/Ctrl+Click Prehearing a sample.

Also +1 to Shift+Up/Down Prehearing a sample, which in my tests I discovered doesn’t either.

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Addition; related feature request.

Add Sample To Current Instrument. Default keybinding of Ctrl+Enter with Disk Op focused.

PS. I think as far as Questions go it’s unfortunately a No and this could well be moved to Ideas and Suggestions ;)

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